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Elite triathlete

About Maja


Born: 24th July 1988 in Esbjerg, Denmark
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Place of living: Esbjerg, Denmark
Coach: Faris Al-Sultan Swim Coach: Bo Jacobsen
Training: Odense Triathlon Klub, OTK
Education: Physiotherapist


  • A BIG dream came true! For many yeas it was a dream to toe the line in Kona, after my first Ironman in Septemper 2016 it turned into a goal. And now it happened. I finished 12ed  - and are already looking forward to the next time, I have the chance to be in the mix and race the best girls in the World!
  • "Hands over the head day" As defending Champion of Challenge Denmark (now Challenge Herning) and runner up at lastes years ETU middel distance Championship was I very eager to preform infront of the home crowed. My day didn't start out that well, but with a good mind-set I raced all the way to the finish line and surprisingly made it to the podium anyway! For sure a day and race to remember! AMAZING setup by the Challenge Denmark Team - Race Makers. Already looking forward to next year.
  • AND Kona qualification!!! I am so happy about the race! I have nerver felt like i was so much a part of the race, and how it unfolded, as I did in the Woodlands the 22 May 2017, it was so cool! (photo: Photo By Aaron)
  • From the very day I started triathlon I have dreamt about racing Ironman. The 24th of September 2016 I crossed the finishline of IRONMAN Mallorca and heard the words: "you are an IRONMAN" My dream has become reality!  I finished 2nd to claim my first IM podium in my debut on the distance. Already looking forward to my next attempt on the legendary distance of triathlon.
  • Challenge Walchsee put on AN AMAZING event in the beautiful natur of Tyrol. Race organization had even arranged perfect weather conditions with clear blue sky and sunshine ;) I absolutely love that race course, the atmosphere and the surroundings in general! It made me find my best racing and I'm very happy to say that I now have an European Middeldistance Triathlon Silver Medal.
  • Every race gives you memories and unique experiences. But Challenge Fredericia was special!! I didn't have my best race, so was happy to make it to the podium anyway! - You learn  from these kind of races, where head and body don't really cooperate(!) And I take a lot with me from the race, BUT the pre race swim might be the thing I remember the best ;p ...I swam with a dolphin!!
  • I like to win! - But 2nd after Camilla is also okay ;) I'm happy about my performance at the Danish Middel distances Championship.
  • WOW! What an amazing feeling. My first Challenge victory, and then even on home soil  - and in front og my friend and rolemodel Michelle Vesterby. Challenge Denmark gave me a jaw dropping experience as I won my first Challenge Event the 12. June 2016.  
  • A very fun race format, a great setup made the base for the Danish Sprint Triathlon. It's time trial with the athletes starting one by one separated by 1 min. SO COOL! I was 3ed and shared the podium with my good friends Line Thams (Gold) and Michelle Vesterby (Silver) As I geart bonus won Michelle, Anne (7th) and I the Team Competition, and ensured a Gold medal to Odense Triathlon Klub
  • Wuhu European Duathlon Silver to start the season 2016 - one step closer to the top spot of the podium compared to last year ...guess I need to give it another try next year. As a great bonus was ETU Long Duathlon Championship - Powerman Denmark, also Danish Championship and I won my 2nd Danish Duathlon Championship. (photo: Rebel Media House I Camilla Hylleberg)
  • 1:17:27 - That is my new half marathon PB, and also the new course record for H.C. Andersen Halvmarathon. I was a great day for running and think this smil discribe quit well how a felt (and fell) about the run.
  • On a day with the perfect mindset I managed to defend my titel as Danish middel distance Campion! It has been a tough summer were focus turned to be on finishing my studie. My confidence in training has been very low the last months, but I managed to find a mindset on the day that not only allowed me to win but also reload confidence and prove (to my self) that a race aren't over before you cross the finishline.
  • Education is done and I can now call myself a Physiotherapist! It was some tough weeks towards the end, and I had to turn the sport a bit down in favor to fokus on finishing school. But it turned out well and was all worth it! Now I like to give the sport a change and see how fare it can take me. 20130829_110005    
  • Very pleased with my 2nd European Bronze medal! This one from is from the ETU European Long Duathlon Championship, Powerman Holland (10k-60k-10k) 2015
  • A photo says more than 1000 words! Maybe I was excited to have my triathlon debut in the Danish kit even before the ETU European middle distance Championship, Challenge Paguera-Mallorca... But after the race I was over the moon of joy! It was an amazing event and I won a BRONZE MEDAL!
  • I had my first IM70.3 podium finish in a the first and very rough edition of IM 70.3 Rügen 2014. BIG waves forced the race to me changed into a duathlon (5k-90k-21.1k). Duathlon or not, I had a great race and took action from the start. Very honored  to be on the podium with Yvonne van Klerken and Laura Philipp!
  • I big dream came true Sunday 6th of July 2014, as I won the Danish Championship on my favorite distance 1/2IM (1,9k swim, 90k bike and 21,1k run). It was a great day in Aalborg, nice to see so many participants (1000 pax) and lots of spectators who created a fantastic atmosphere.
  • I had a solid race, am happy about my performance and the fact that I am Danish Duathlon Champ 2014!
  • World Half Marathon, Copenhagen, done in 1:17:53. An incredible and unforgettable event!!!   3rd in F25-29= 4th AG runner= 6th Dane = 73th overall Female = 426th  in the race of 27220 starters  
  • A beautiful early spring day, and perfect conditions for a fast run, was the setup when I raced my first Danish 10k Championship. I finished 4th in the time of 35'11'' witch is PB by 1'08''. It was a great test (and nice surprise) of my fitness level this early in the year.
  • Wow what a race! It was very tough out there. But I am ever so happy to retrial my Ocean/Lava title. And what an honor to be next to Legendary Marino Vanhoenacker on the winner photos from the finish line ;D Thanks the Kenneth Gasque and family for another great event!  
  • Ditte, Johanne and I had a fun day and won Gold at the Team Champs. It is a sprint distance race where you race a kind of team TT. -Super cool! The OTK boys did also win, both elite and AG. We had two girls-team and the second had silver on top of that did OTK also win vetern medals :) GOOD DAY
  • I became part of Tri Nordic in 2013

    Proudly Supported

    I feel so lucky and honored to say that I in 2013 will be a part of Team TriNordic by Rasmus Henning. 2013 will be my fist full year as an elite athlete and the team gives me all the support I need and allows me to focus on training and racing.
  • ITU Races in 2012

    I the spring I raced Powerman Holland which was ITU European  Duathlon Championship, I was not allowed to race elite and represent Denmark, but I won the European AG F18-24 Championship title. In September I had my debut as an elite athlete when I raced ITU World Duathlon Championship 2012. It was at the same time my first race in the Danish kit. It was a though day, but it taught me a lot, and it was cool to try and race the best in the world.        
  • Back on My Favourite Island

    I had 2 weeks on Lanzatore in the beginning of September. My parents was there as well, so it was a combination of holiday, training camp with Coach Helle and Philip Graves, and then I raced Ocean/Lava ½IM. I Won the race, made course record and had the overall fastest run of the day (yes, including the pro men!)    
  • I am European Champion 2012?!

    I had planned to race Powerman Holland before I knew it was ITU European Championship. As running is my strongest discipline I liked to try and race elite, just to test my level and get an idea of what is needed to compete with the good girls out there. But as it was a Championship and I didn't have pro-license nor the results it is required to represent Denmark I was not allowed to race elite. I raced anyway, and all female athletes started together so I just raced like I was elite and did not think about age-grope at all. I stayed in the front pack in the first run, had a perfect transition and was 2ed as we rode out of the city. I could not hold that position but finished 8th and were happy. It was only later on I realized that I actually was European Champion AG F18-24 - what a great bonus ;)  
  • OTK

    My daily training starts in Odense, and I became a part of the elite squad. We have some sessions just for the squad, but also weekly bike and run sessions with all the members of the club, which are absolutely great!  
  • Las Vegas

    I did not have my best race as I raced World 70.3 Championship Las Vegas 2011. But it was a great experience, a very big and cool race, which I dream about going back to one day! I finished 7th in AG F18-24      
  • First Win in DK

    I had holiday in Denmark and raced Challenge Aarhus in 2011. I won my age-group and had the best overall female AG time.    
  • Ironman 70.3 Mallorca

    Coach Ben is always the first one I call after a race. And after Mallorca 70.3 2011, I called to say that I finished in the overall best AG time and that I had a slot for World Champs.  
  • Win

    I raced and won my first ½IM as I raced ICan Mallorca 2010.
  • Volcano Triathlon

    I had raced a few duathlons in the beginning of the spring, and done Club La Santas weekly mini tri once. But Volcano Triathlon (1,5k -40k -10k) was my fist real triathlon race. I had borrowed wheels and bars to make the bike look super cool and fast, and finished 5th in the race.    
  • I do still remember the evening in the bike center of Club La Santa, February 2010, where I had my fist road bike build.  
  • Time for a Change

    This race made me realize that I was done with golf. On the start line I suddenly had the right feeling of excitement in my body again. A feeling I had forgot existed, as I hadn't felt it the last couple of years playing golf. But I regained it right away, and remembered what it feels like when you do something you really like. It was my first 10k race, and a part of the Running Challenge at Club La Santa. I finished 2nd -and ran sub 40min to win an ice-cream of one of my Green Team friends.      
  • Club La Santa

    I became a part of Club La Santas Green Team. I was there as golf instructor and had weekly golf tours and lessons. I liked the job as instructor a lot. It was nice to be able to help, and amazing to see the joy in the guests eyes when they succeeded.  
  • Happy Ending

    It was a big goal for me to play European Championship as individual. I did it in 2009 and managed to stay in the top half that made it to the final round. The Championship ended up being my last tournament, as it was time for a change for me. I have had a rough time with golf but I am very happy that I choose to play the 2009 season, it gave some good results and ensured that I still like the sport.      
  • Done!

    I graduated from Esbjerg Gymnasium in 2009. I was Team Denmark student, with math and science as main subjects. The Team Denmark support gave me 4 years in "gymnasium" (normally you have 3 in Denmark) to allow time to play golf at international amateur level.        
  • Golf

    I was a part of the Danish Ladies Team. We finished 5th in the European Team Championship in 2008 and in 2009 we were 7th
  • A Dream

    I had wild-card to play Ladies European Tour when it visited Denmark in 2006 and 2007. For a girl with dreams about a Pro Golf career that was big! And I remember how I was jumping around in the kitchen the day I received the letter from The Danish Golf Union  
  • A Great Summer

    I had my last season as junior in 2006, and that was with no doubt the best year I have had in golf. I played squats and won junior tournaments in Denmark, but I also won some senior tournaments including one where Ladies European Tour Winner Lisa Holm also played.    
  • Oure

    I started playing golf in Esbjerg Golf Klub as I was 10 years old, but in the beginning it was just ones a week. As I was 13-14 years old the sport court my interest and I started to spend all day at the golf course. As I turned 16 I had one year at Oure Sports Collage and I became a part of the Danish Golf Unions talent squad. I had 5 years with the Union in total.