Designed for speed!

The Skechers Performance™ is technologically advanced performance footwear and has received numerous of awards from the running press. I am very happy to run in the shoes that are lightweight, flexible and helps to a natural running style.





2XU have a huge range of products including specifik triathlon appel. The brand is known for there high level of compression clothing and classic sporty look.



Enjoy the Club La Santa Lifestyle  – I LOVE the Island of Lanzarote …and it was when I was working as Golf instructor on CLS, I discovered triathlon. No need to say this place has a special place in my heart, Club La Santa simply feels like is my second home!

Training camp, family holiday, you name it, Club La Santa is the perfect place for any kind of get-away.


World class local support!!




“If the sky is the limit, the ocean is the starting point. And everything in between are only possibilities.” I truly like Greencarrier’s way of thinking! It’s a great company with a mindset and a commitment like my own. They live by “Yes, it’s possible!” and I know that without this attitude, I would never have made it to where I am today. As an athlete, you need to believe in what you do. And like Greencarrier, you have to see possibilities instead of limitations and most importantly you need to enjoy the process to get the best possible outcome. That’s why we are a good match and I’m proud to represent the company. 



Simply faster. Always string to be better and faster is a passion Cervélo and I share. The P5 it the most winning bike on elite level and I absolutely love it.


It’s all about the look… Bliz provide me glasses – not only sunnys – But  with a background in skiing, Bliz makes sure I have a clear sight in all weather.


I am very impressed by the concept of 32Gi and have a strong believe in the quality of the products. It is very simple and very good… Energy and hydration based on the best (and natural) ingredients! Meaning  no needless overload of glucose, calories or additives. Not to forget does the nice taste and big variation – in not only taste but also texture – come as a great bonus.



It not only brings big motivation to have accurate and instant data in training, it also helps development when analyzing the fils after. SUUNTO brings high quality into my training! My Spartan is not only a good looking, sporty watch it’s my loyal – faithful a honest – trainings buddy. It’s packed with cool features and yet very simpel to setup for personal use.




A part of victory! With CeramicSpeed oversized pully wheel system, the handmade longlasting low friction bearings in my bottom bracket and wheels  I’am sure my  power transfer is optimized and i’m saving watts. – Aka ride faster.



True speed! HED develops wheels that makes you faster. Not only focusing on aerodynamics but the full packet of important issues that make a wheel preform, all from stability, lateral stiffness, drivetrain efficiency, durability to comfort …just to name a few, is thought about.


I can’t imagine going on a bike without a helmet – not even a city bike(!) Met make’s me fast but let me feel safe at the same time.




triudstyr-logo is great backup to have for all those small accessories you need to optimize your game. AND they have amazing mechanic support to offer.



I also receive great support from:

My swim coach Bo Jacobsen! – find him at or Facebook @ Bo Jacobsen Coaching, he travels the world to do swim classes and lectures.


The clinic I work at, the fitness I train in AND where I and the local footballers (EfB) and handball players (Team Esbjerg) receive our invaluable treatment.



As I returned to Denmark, after 2 years on Lanzarote, Spain, I moved to Odense, and became part of the elite team in OTK in February 2012. We have a great squad environment, and I love the training here!